Symptoms Of Evil Eye, Black Magic And Jinn Possession In Islam

In my previous article Evil Eye, i described what is an evil eye? Now I’ll tell you its symptoms…..

Prophet(SAWAS) said: “The evil eye is real, and if anything were to overtake the divine decree (al-qadar) it would be the evil eye.” [Muslim]

 Evil Eye symptoms:

there is a difference between symptoms of black magic,jinn possession, and evil eye.1stly we will write their symptoms respectively…

Black Magic Symptoms:

1. Feeling UGLY

2. When you comb hair, you lose a lot.

3. Pain in shoulders, lower back and BELLY gets BLOATED


5. When outside feel relaxed when inside feel opposite

6. Hate wife or Hate husband

7. When away from each other you miss each other, when together you don’t like each other.

8. Suspicious about each other9. You don’t appreciate anything husband does or wife does.

Possession symptoms:

1. Turning away and reacting strongly when hearing the adhan or Quran

2. Fainting, seizures and falling when Qur’an is read over him

3. A lot of disturbing dreams

4. Being alone, keeping away from people and behaving strangely

5. The devil who is dwelling in him may speak when Qur’an is read over him.

Evil Eye Symptoms

1. People will notice color of your face change( Dark or Pale)

2. Difficult to sleep during night, sleepy during day

3. Sweat from front head, hand, feet and back

4. Had enough, Fed up, Bored, Lazy, Hopeless Careless and SUICIDAL

5. Visit Toilet a lot.


As for the symptoms of being affected by the evil eye, Shaykh Abdul-Azeez al-Sadhaan (may Allah preserve him) said:

If it is not a real sickness, then the symptoms may take the following forms:

Headaches that move from one part of the head to another;

*yellow pallor in the face;

*sweating and urinating a great deal;

*weak appetite;

*tingling, heat or cold in the limbs;

*palpitations in the heart;pain in the lower back and shoulders;

*sadness and anxiety;

*sleeplessness at night;strong reactions due to abnormal fears;

*a lot of burping,yawning, and sighing;withdrawal and love of solitude;

*apathy and laziness;

a tendency to sleep;health problems with no known medical cause.These signs or some of them may be present according to the strength of the evil eye or the number of people who put the evil eye on others.

One of the ways to check if you are a victim of black magic/evil eye/evil jinn is to listen to a ruqyah (these are selected Quranic verses from hadiths and recommended by many renowned Islamic scholars)….It is almost 30 mins in length…Try listening to it after performing wudhu and make sure u concentrate…u can download it and listen to it on a mp3, mobile or a PC. If your symptoms intensify and/or you feel dizziness, pain, itching, tightness or movement under the skin in any part of the body just by listening to ruqya…then it is strong possibility that you are under influence of black magic…If you don’t feel anything then listen to it three times…if still you don’t feel anything…then this means your problem is a medical one…Just remember one thing…do not go to fortune tellers or don’t EVER get a taweez from anyone, because it is SHIRK…The link to download the ruqyah is here….